Planting Seeds, Cultivating Fruit, Multiplying Gifts

"Advancing the kingdom"

Dear Friends
I humbly request you join me on Friday, August 30, 2019 through Sunday, September 1, 2019 for the 32nd Annual Southern Interstate Ministries Conference. Joining us will allow me the privilege to dialog with you as we consider the mandate and opportunity to “Advance the Kingdom".

God has been and continues to be, good to the NACOG.  It was a joy to see many of you on Zion's Hill this year for camp meeting.  What a time of worship, fellowship and renewal God gave us.  Your leadership and partnership is greatly appreciated.
We are excited about attending the SIMC.  As a youth, I was blessed to participate in several of these gatherings and this past year it was a privilege being with you.  I sincerely hope you will be able to attend this great meeting.
I am looking forward to being with you and sharing with you the wonderful things that God is doing in the life of our Association.   
It is our hope that by sharing together and exploring what the Lord is saying to all of our hearts, we may find new and exciting ways to be in meaningful and effective fellowship with one another.  We are convinced that we are better together (Ecc 4:12).  
We are the beneficiaries of a great heritage and custodians of a great hope.  May God continue to give us strength as together we endeavor to transform the world for Christ.
In His Service, 

Dr. Charles Myricks, Jr.
Chief Operating and Development Officer
National Association of the Church of God